About Kenny

To know him is to love him. Plain. Simple. True.

Kenny Melton is a young man who brings out the best in all of us. He is a son, a brother, an uncle, a best friend, a teacher, a confidant, a lover; a man who leaves you feeling better about the world when in his company. His footprint is one of pure goodness; a rarity in this world.

Kenny is adding “fighter” and “survivor” to the many roles he has played in his life. As we come to terms with his September 2012 diagnosis of brain cancer, we have great faith in the unwritten plan for Kenny’s future. We know his love of life will fuel his drive to fight this disease. We know the love of his family and friends will support him every step of the way. We know that miracles happen and prayer is a powerful thing.

To date, Kenny has successfully undergone two brain surgeries at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA. It is no surprise that after losing use of his left side due to the surgeries, Kenny has persevered and is regaining movement and control of his left appendages less than a week later. His fighting spirit is shining and, once again, Kenny is giving us all a reason to smile.

Due to size and location, the surgeons were not able to completely remove the entire tumor. While no definite treatment plans are in place, chemotherapy and radiation are likely options.

As Kenny and his family prepare for and endure this monumental battle, please use this site to share uplifting, funny, and memorable stories about the impact Kenny has had on your life. Whether he was your first child, favorite bartender, surfing buddy, teacher, neighbor, best friend, crush, love, teammate, source of laughter, student, co-worker, brother, uncle, cousin, or nephew… please uplift Kenny and give him strength to fight this wicked enemy. In addition to your written words of support and love, the site is equipped with a way to donate money to contribute towards Kenny’s medical costs and quality of life. We want Kenny to expend all his efforts in recovery and not waste any precious energy on financial worries.

Let’s take this one day at a time. Pray often and love on Kenny and his family dearly.


Kenny lost his battle with brain cancer Saturday evening March 22nd, 2014. A Celebration of Kenny’s life was held on Tuesday, April 1st 2014. Watch the paddle-out for Kenny.